Nutrition can be confusing! Increase your energy, build muscle, strength, and endurance all while mindfully nourishing a healthy relationship with food


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The 4 step Mindful Fueling Process for better energy & athletic performance 



  • Struggling with fatigue and low energy
  • Constantly sore and dealing with poor muscle recovery
  • Feeling unsure when and how much you should be eating
  • Stuck in a cycle of tracking calories with no improvement in energy and performance
  • Fearful of certain foods or unsure if you're eating too much or too little
  • Wanting to gain muscle and build strength
  • Gut problems with no root cause
  • Looking to learn how to use food as nourishment and fuel
  • Thinking about food 24/7 and feeling hungry
  • Are you underfueling and not sure where to go from here? 




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1:1 Performance Nutrition Coaching


Work 1:1 with a Dietitian to get individualized help as well as all the resources and support that YOU need


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Receive all the tools you need to be successful on your own with this self-paced online program. Join a community that is just like YOU!

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Team Nutrition Talks


Are you a sports team that needs a performance dietitian to speak about why nutrition is the missing puzzle piece? Look no further!

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"Working with Laura allowed me to feel confident fueling on my long runs and races. I feel better hydrated on a daily basis and can perform my absolute best. Laura continues to support and troubleshoot with me while I become the best athlete I can be!"


Sara - Runner

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