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I’m Emilia and I’m here to help you grow your Hairstyling business to a success!

Nutrition can be CONFUSING!

Discover the ultimate fueling solutions to improve performance, energy, and banish troublesome gut problems for good. 

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I'm Laura, your gut guide and sports dietitian.

We are a good match if..

  • You're an active person with goals to improve your health and performance
  • You're dealing with unexplainable gasbloating, and digestive issues
  • You're struggling with fatigue, low energy, and maybe even poor recovery
  • You feel unsure when and how much you should be eating
  • You're stressed around food and not sure what to do 
  • You're looking to learn how to use food as nourishment and fuel
  • You want to dig deeper to get to the root cause of your problems instead of just putting a band-aid on things
  • Feel like you're not fueling right and not sure where to go from here
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Our 4 step Mindful Fueling Method 



What is holding you back from flourishing? Get to the root cause of your gut issues.



How should you fuel your body? Understand WHAT & WHEN you should be eating



Find freedom from your gut issues while incorporating more of the foods you enjoy!



Feel healthy + energized doing the things you love without food stress!

 How We Can Help

1:1 Nutrition Coaching


In the Mindful Fueling Academy, work 1:1 with a Registered Dietitian to get individualized help as well as all the resources and support that YOU need. Options for root cause functional stool testing included.


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Online Courses


The Active Nutrition Toolkit is designed to help you dial in your fueling plan

Sports Supplements Made Simple will help you take the confusion out of sports supplements and what actually works.

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Team Nutrition Talks


Are you a sports team that needs a performance dietitian to speak about why nutrition is the missing puzzle piece? Look no further!

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