Meet Your Performance Dietitian, Laura


Hi  👋🏼  I am a registered dietitian and strength and conditioning coach committed to helping athletes find confidence in their food choices so they can stop underfueling to improve energy and performance outcomes.

Unlike other programs that may focus on counting calories, I take a mindful approach to performance nutrition. Let me teach you how to fuel your body for peak performance to increase energy, muscle, strength, and endurance all while eating more foods that YOU enjoy!




My entire life as an athlete, I struggled with fueling my body to feel and perform my best. Underfueling  aka not eating enough or not eating enough of the right kinds of foods, really held me back from being the best athlete I could be as well as the healthiest human I could be. At first, I didn't even know I was underfueling until my body was telling me through low energy, poor performance, decreased strength, increased thoughts of food, nutrient deficiencies and more.

From there, I felt like I was in a constant battle with my body and my mind to look a certain way. This lead me to a poor relationship with food and confusion on when and how much I should be eating. I focused more on physique rather than performance which hindered my athletic abilities.

First hand, I know how frustrating it is to struggle with low energy and poor performance. I know how confusing it is to understand what to eat around your workouts and when to eat to optimize performance and energy levels. Using my proven 4 step Mindful Fueling Process, let me teach you how to fuel your body for life, health and performance, all while nurturing a healthy relationship with yourself and food 💛

Laura's Credentials & Qualifications


Registered Dietitian

Master's of Science in Sports Nutrition

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Former collegiate sports dietitian

Internships with professional sports and tactical forces

ISAK Level 1 Certified


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