The Active Nutrition Toolkit

 Learn how to fuel your body to feel your absolute best.


Are you feeling confused how to fuel your body for your active lifestyle?

Nutrition information is everywhere! But that doesn't mean that it is correct or specific to YOU. This course is designed to help you dial in your nutrition and fueling habits to...

  • Combat fatigue and low energy
  • Increase speed, endurance, and performance with nutrition
  • Improve your confidence with food choices
  • Become the healthiest version of you while crushing your performance goals
  • Learn how to mindfully fuel your body to feel your best, mentally and physically

Any of this sound familiar?

1. Poor nutrition habits is setting you back from your goals

You can't out exercise or out supplement a poor diet. Long gone are the days where we ONLY rely on training plans to help us reach our goals. Nutrition is the missing piece of the puzzle!

2. Not sure if you're eating enough or too much

Are you under-fueling? Eating the right foods around your workouts? Are you consuming too much of the wrong things? Let me teach you!

3. You're not recovering well & struggling with low energy

Nutrition can play a HUGE role in bouncing back after our workouts as well as our energy levels day in and day out


The Active Nutrition Toolkit

 Fuel your body to increase your energy, improve performance, and feel your absolute best in and out of your workouts.

Self-paced online course with all the information, tips, tricks, and resources you need to be successful with your nutrition. This course is great for all active individuals from weekend warriors to competitive athletes!

*This is not medical advice and purely for educational purposes


Imagine if…


Less soreness and muscle aches allow you to bounce back faster and get after your next training session. Reducing inflammation with nutrition is a key component to faster recovery.


Proper fueling is a MUST if you want to have better energy, be healthier, and increase your fitness. Getting to the root cause of nutrient deficiencies, understanding your fueling needs, and creating a plan will help you feel your best.


Taking care of ourselves and eating food is something we HAVE to do everyday (even if we don't want to). Dialing in your nutrition plan is key to building confidence in the kitchen and confidence in fueling your workouts. We help without it feeling stressful. 

This is all within reach! Keep reading...

I have higher energy levels and completely eliminated post workout headaches and soreness!

"I'd say to go for it if you have any doubts about how to best fuel for your specific needs. Laura will help you uncover things that you probably had no idea you needed help with!"

Zack Schrag
Trail Runner and Weekend Warrior


Eating To Optimize Energy & Performance

  • Fundamentals of nutrition
  • Macronutrients
  • Fueling your body throughout the day
  • Micronutrients you should consider
  • Hydration and electrolytes


Fueling Around Your Workouts

  • Fueling up before your workouts
  • Fueling for energy during your workouts
  • Fueling for recovery after your workouts


How to Mindfully Fuel

  • What is mindful fueling & how will it keep you healthy, happy, and fueled
  • The framework of mindful fueling
    • What is your body asking for?
    • Hunger and fullness vs. calorie counting
    • Do you eat fast? Why that is doing you a disservice
    • Nourishing a healthy relationship with food


Resources, Guides, and Handouts

  • Pre & post workout fueling ideas
  • Sample fueling plans and recipes
  • Balanced eating & meal ideas
  • Snack resources
  • Mindful eating resources
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Blood work recommendations
  • BONUS video content: Root cause approach to your energy issues, Sleep and performance considerations, Gut health considerations

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Hi! I’m Laura, registered dietitian & nutrition coach

I help athletes and active individuals find confidence in FUELING their body for fitness, performance, and health.

  • Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology & Health
  • Master's of Science in Sports Nutrition
  • Registered Dietitian (RD)
  • Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • Experience with professional, collegiate athletes, tactical special forces, police force, endurance athletes, team sports, weekend warriors and much more! If you are active in any way, we are a good fit!

I gathered all of the research and practical information information you need to navigate this tricky and confusing nutrition space!


The Active Nutrition Toolkit One Payment

Lifetime access to 4 in-depth modules going over
  • Eating to optimize energy and performance
  • Fueling around your workouts
  • Mindful Fueling & cultivating a healthy relationship with food
  • All the resources, guides, and handouts you need
  • BONUS video content 
  • Sports dietitian approved recommendations and exclusive course discounts
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Bundle with Sports Supplements Made Simple to Save $!

Lifetime access to Active Nutrition Toolkit AND Sports Supplements Made Simple which includes
  • What is the supplement/ingredient
  • What does the research say it's beneficial for
  • Who would benefit
  • Recommended dosing and timing
  • Sports dietitian approved recommendations and exclusive course discounts
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“This course answered my questions about what fuel I need for my specific needs. I feel more confident and less stressed!”

Sydney F, lifting for strength and fun


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