Let's work together inside the Mindful Fueling 1:1 Nutrition Program👇🏼


If you are an athlete who is ready to feel confident about what, when, and how to eat, my signature program, Mindful Fueling Nutrition, is for you!

Zack - Runner

I thought having low energy was inevitable, but after working with Laura, I realized that it didn't have to be that way. I no longer have chronic headaches and I feel fueled for my workouts

Kailey - Soccer

I'd say to go for it if you have any doubts about how to best fuel for your specific needs. Laura will help you uncover things that you probably had no idea you needed help with!

Emma - Skier

I struggled with gut issues, restricting food, and not meeting my nutrient needs for YEARS. Laura discovered what was off with my body and helped me create a plan to be successful

Let me be honest with you...


In today's busy world, you DESERVE the time to focus on yourself and your health. Sustainable, healthy change is NOT a quick fix where you get all the information you need in one session and I say see ya, good luck ✌🏼

You deserve to work with someone who CARES and has the KNOWLEDGE to take the time to get to know you, assess your barriers and struggles, and game plan how to get you to your end goal and ultimate transformation.